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Poor Power quality has significant operational, organisational and economic repercussions.

For example:

  • Unproductive personnel due to the discontinuity of the production cycle.
  • Raw materials scrap.
  • Incomplete or wasted work.
  • Damage and/or malfunction of machinery.
  • Penalties caused by contractual shortcomings.

Stop unnecessarily paying the price for poor power quality! Request a free consultation with one of our experts now and discover how to solve your energy problems.

During the consultation we will:

  • Quantify the problem
  • Identify the cause
  • Propose a solution
  • Provide pre and post sales assistance in your Country

Please fill in the form to arrange a call with us, plus, as a gift, we’ll give you our guide on voltage dips. To find out more, read further information here.

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Power Quality Consulting

Our Power Quality consulting is the quickest and easiest way to put an end to all the problems caused by poor power quality. Production interruption, overheating or machinery failure, and excessive maintenance costs are problems related to specific causes and can be easily resolved.

  • Tell us which are the inconveniences and difficulties that you meet
  • We'll help you determine the extent and the cause, indicating the data to be collected and the analysis to be conducted
  • We'll suggest the ideal Power Quality solution for your needs

After this chat you will finally have clearer ideas, and if you want, you can further explore the costs and benefits of the suggested solution with us.

Our Power Quality solutions

Thanks to the synergy of three brands, we guarantee a solution to a good deal of Power Quality problems.


  • Digital voltage stabilizers
  • Voltage SAG compensator
  • LV Isolation transformers and reactors


  • Power Factor Correction Systems
  • Active Harmonic filters


  • Energy Efficiency Smart Devices

Benefits for your business

Business continuity

Forget downtime and outages caused by energy problems.

Maximum productivity

The better the energy, the better the production activity: machines and people can give their best.

Increased durability

By supplying your machines with good quality energy, you will increase their lifespan and reduce breakdowns.

Reduced TCO

Reduce unforeseen events, breakdowns and downtime, and with them, all subsequent costs incurred to solve them.

Do you want to reap the benefits of power quality?

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Our solutions are ideal for...

Industrial sector

Food industry

Hospitality & Tourism

Renewable sources

Data Center


Public sector

Banks & Servicing

Power Quality Solutions Made in Italy

Founded in 1969, ORTEA SpA is a leading company in manufacturing and engineering Power Quality solutions.

The synergy of ORTEA, ICAR and Enersolve solutions allows ORTEA SpA to offer a unique range of products and services for Power Quality and Energy Efficiency.

Why you can trust us:

  • Quality made in Italy and half a century of experience
  • An established company, with 120 employees and 25 million turnover
  • An extensive international network of distributors to ensure constant support
  • Consolidated experience in the production of customised solutions

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